Cowboy Up! In the Morning with Erik and Al

Episode 34: Watson, Watsoff

February 4, 2021

Dak for Deshaun? No. Just no. Right? Please don't tell us you're on the "yes" side. We talk about why we would never trade Dak for Deshaun. Also, the Matthew Stafford trade to the Rams is going to have some ripple effects for the Cowboys, in our opinion. But not the type of ripple effects you think. We both approach the subject from different angles, and it might not bode well for the playoffs and contract negotiation leverage. Jerry better not get in his own way. We also discuss the Senior Bowl, offensive lineman in the draft and free agency, and where the Cowboys rank in terms of franchise relevancy - given their current Super Bowl drought. We also pick 'em: Chiefs or Bucs? Put them boots on. Time to go! 

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