Cowboy Up! In the Morning with Erik and Al

Episode 35: A Marriage (To Dak)

February 11, 2021

No but seriously, one of our hosts is getting married! We'll give you two guesses. But that's not all! We discuss the Super Bowl, talk about a social media post heard 'round Cowboys Nation. Was it a strategic, hidden message to Dak, or was it simply the Cowboys social media team's carelessness? We also dig into the Cowboys roster as it stands - who would we cut? Who do we think the Cowboys are going to cut? We look at the skill positions on offense to determine who fits into the 2021 Cowboys roster. To top it all off, we review the best pairings in Cowboys history. One will surprise you. Get a bowl of Texas chili and relax this chilly weekend with some Cowboy Up in the Morning! 

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